Making it as a New Artist

The things Trent touched on are all true and relevant for an upcoming artist. When you first start creating music you shouldn’t be at all worried about the money. You should be focused on the message of your music, portraying how you’re feeling, on top of what audience you’re looking for. Even if you only have 2 followers on soundcloud with no vast audience yet, if you focus on making a good product to give out for free then the audience you’re searching for will find YOU one way or another. He also touches on how beneficial media can be. If you create a website you should definitely make sure to keep it easy to navigate. If people are wanting to listen to your music, you probably shouldn’t hide it from them. Reznor also encourages making videos or funny short films, basically anything to get your name out there a little more. I somewhat agree with this because I have seen people blow up off of a simple video, but I also feel like I’m starting to see that too much. It’s getting watered down. Half of these kid’s making a “funny video” aren’t even funny.


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